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Ascension Clinics


Bringing the best to you!


The Ascension Clinics provide Australian athletes and coaches interaction with professional international coaches in the their chosen sports.

Ascension Clinics provide not only coaching but the opportunity to be tested and viewed by professionals who may be able to help Australian athletes and coaches reach the next level.

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Ascension Sports Tours


Play at the next level!

Our Ascension Tours aim to give Australian athletes and coaches the opportunity to travel internationally and experience the next level of competition in their chosen sports.

Athletes and coaches will gain new skills and perspectives through interaction with top level coaches and athletes during clinics and training.

The Ascension Tours will not only provide the opportunity to compete, but provide the highest level of emersion for participants, who will be provided the chance to see trainings, games and facilities of top level sports programs.

Ascension Media


Expose yourself!

Ascension media provides sports, teams and clubs the opportunity to promote themselves via our innovative media streaming solutions.

Ascension Media has the ability to provide live coverage and video on demand services that can bring exposure, connect with supporters and attract potential sponsors.