Sports Australia Pty Ltd

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Live to your 

lounge room or Mobile device


Bringing sport LIVE to you and your fans no matter where


Ascension Sports Australia aims to offer a service to sports that no other organisation to date has even attempted to offer!

We make innovative use of cutting edge Internet technologies to beam your sport right to your fans wherever they are.

Whether it be regular season games, finals series, or elite competition such as national championships, we can put you and your fans right next to the action!

what does professional sport enjoy that amateur sport doesn't

Two words: Media coverage

Ever thought that your sport was being ignored by the major media vendors and wished that somehow you were able to convince them to give your sport even a little exposure?

Having come from the same environment, Asecension Sports Australia's founders are willing to bet that the answer is YES!

That's where we come in!

Missed the action? Not a problem


Your amateur sport events on demand!

Not only is Ascension Sports Australia able to offer a live streaming service to bring amateur sport to you live, but we also offer a Video-On-Demand service that allows you to watch the action whenever you want